Why Lizard?

The Lizard Centre provides life-changing therapy for children and adolescents with autism, developmental delay and behaviours of concern. For over 20 years we have been providing children and families with behaviour therapy that works!

Values Based

At Lizard, we believe that therapy should be both evidence-based (what we do) AND values-based (how we do it).

We start with values. Our therapists welcome and respect neuro-diversity as well as the voice of your child.

We believe that learning can be challenging but it can also be fun, rewarding and confidence-building.

Our approach is to create a learning space where your child feels safe, relaxed and engaged.

We help your child learn by empowering them and listening to them. Our therapists work to build trust, engagement, authenticity and agency.

We seek to understand, share and shape. When we get it right, meaningful outcomes follow!

How our programs work

Our programs are based on the latest evidence-based practices to achieve the best results. 

We start each program by teaching the three foundational “learning to learn” skills of communication, toleration and collaboration.

Based on the child and family needs, we then deliver a tailored program of learning on new life skills such as communication, self-care, and social skills.  

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At Lizard, we aim to be both evidence-based (what we do) AND value-based (how we do it). 

All Lizard programs are designed using the latest clinical research  and evidence, as well as our 20 years of experience delivering therapy that works. 

We draw on leading tools and methodologies that have been developed and tested to deliver real improvements for children and adolescents with developmental delay or autism.

These include Positive Behaviour Support framework, Skill Based Treatment and the NDIA Autism Practice Guidelines. 

Evidence shows earlier, and more intensive therapy delivers better outcomes. So our early intervention programs are designed to use Therapy Assistants to deliver 1-to-1 therapy with your child. At a lower rate, this means we can deliver twice as many therapy hours for a given budget.

What gets measured gets done – we all know this is true. For each program we will set individual goals for your child, which we will use to measure and review progress.


We have a family-first approach. We rely on strong parental input to help us build a tailored program for your child and family. 

Parent training is built into each program to help build your capacity to support your child long into the future.

A holistic approach delivers better outcomes, so we ask our parents to participate as much as their time allows. But we recognise parents lead busy lives, and want to be parents, not therapists. We seek to strengthen, not detract from your natural parental role.  

Why Lizard?

Mike Ray, Clinical Director from the Lizard Centre explains how the Lizard Centre provides life-changing therapy for children with autism, developmental delay and behaviours of concern.

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